Together with its partner, Location Advisory Services, WDGT is at the forefront of certifying sites as being readily available for industrial or office development.  We can help put your community’s sites on the map by having them available for companies searching for new facility locations, thus saving critical start-up time.    We have helped states develop certified site programs resulting in more marketable sites meeting the specific criteria most in demand by locationally-active companies.

WDGT will assist your area with the application process and evaluate sites based on site location criteria to develop an inventory of “shovel ready” sites.  

  • Utility infrastructure
  • Transportation
  • Permitting
  • Site characteristics (i.e., wetlands, flood plain, endangered species, etc.)
  • Zoning

Site certification programs have proven to be very successful in propelling the economic development programs of those states in which WDGT has worked.  For instance, Oregon, which has one of the nation’s leading site certification programs, has certified 47 sites totaling over 3,300 acres.  Of these, 19 have been sold and over 2,500 jobs created since they were certified.   We can also recommend applicable measures for your program. 

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