In a recent survey by Development Counsellors International, 65 percent of corporate executives responding to a survey said they would use the Internet to do their next site search.  It is critical that a community position itself as an attractive location by preparing its product and providing the data necessary to make site location decisions.

WDGT’s capable web design teams are composed of both location experts and e-commerce specialists. We conduct a full review of your organization’s economic development web site in order to measure its success as a conveyor of information to the site seeker and location consultant. 

  • Existing web site critique or new development including recommendations on content, navigation and design elements essential to answering site location questions
  • Evaluate your site on how well it captures your community and the type of image it generates
  • Measures to gauge web site effectiveness
  • Work with our designers on how to most effectively position your community
  • Embedding key words to increase opportunities for likelihood of being found in a site search
  • Site registration with search engines

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